We have divided our 1075sqft space into 2 separate free play areas for the Fluffys and the Spikes. Each spacious play area is equipped with beds, toys and stimulating play equipment. We also provide secluded lounge areas for small dogs requiring specialized daily care.

While you’re picking up your Fluffy or Spike, we encourage you to browse our small dog convenience section located in the front lobby of our facility.

Images of our facility are provided below!


Here at Fluffy and Spike’s, your small dog will have a fun-filled daily routine. Every morning upon arrival, your small dog will join group play, with plenty of toys and friends to keep them busy.

Late morning, your small dog will join their group of small friends on the first of our two daily walks.

Please be advised all walks are weather permitting. We request that you notify the staff at Fluffy and Spike’s of any limitations your small dog may have due to weather. We encourage you to bring your small dog’s outerwear to ensure their comfort while outdoors.

After walks, it’s lunchtime! During lunch hour, every small dog will be fed the meal they were provided or a light snack if they aren’t a lunch-eater!

Your small dog is not required to have a lunch, however Fluffy and Spike’s does supply snacks. If your small dog has dietary restrictions, we ask you provide a suitable treat as we don’t want to leave anyone out.

After lunch, it’s time to relax. All small dogs will be provided with pillows and blankets for a 1 hour group nap to ensure they are fresh and ready for the second part of their day.

It’s walk time again! We want to make sure your small dog keeps similar bathroom habits to home life so were heading out on the trail one more time.

Your small dog’s day will end the same way it began: with group play to make sure they are happy and tired for a relaxing night at home with you.

Here at Fluffy and Spike’s we love to throw parties with photo shoots, games, goodies and prizes! Please check our social media for party dates to ensure your small dog is able to participate in the festivities.

Due to our busy, fun-filled days, if you would like to drop off or pick up your small dog between the hours of 10am to 4pm, we ask that you notify the staff so your small dog does not miss out on any of the day’s activities. Please note that there are no pick-ups or drop-offs between 1pm and 2pm.

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