Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of dog daycare?

There are many benefits of dog daycare, including:

2. What is the difference between a Fluffy and a Spike?

Fluffy and Spike’s caters specifically to small dogs, but not all small dogs have the same needs. We have divided your small dogs into two temperament-specific groups called Fluffy and Spike.

Our Fluffy group is designed for those who prefer a more relaxed environment, where they can casually enjoy chasing friends, playing with toys or lounging about.

Our Spike group is designed for our rowdier small dogs, who enjoy rough play, wrastling and a good game of tug-of-war.

By dividing your small dogs into these two play groups, it allows each dog to get the maximum amount of comfort and enjoyment out of their day.

3. I would like my small dog to attend daycare. What do I do?

The first thing you need to do is fill out our online form. You will need to have proof of vaccinations for your small dog, showing they are up-to-date on their vaccines (can be provided by your veterinarian). After that, just give us a call and we can schedule your small dog’s consultation.

4. Why does my small dog need to have a consultation before attending daycare?

In order to assure each small dog’s safety, we need to assess their level of socialization. From there, we are able to help you assess whether your small dog is a Fluffy or a Spike to get their party started!

5. Does my small dog need to be fully vaccinated and does he/she need to be fixed?

Your small dog needs up-to-date vaccinations or show results of a recent titre test. If your small dog is a puppy, they are welcome two weeks after their second set of puppy vaccines.

Yes, your small dog needs to be altered by six months of age. For more information on this please see our requirements page in the daycare section.

6. How small does my small dog have to be?

Our establishment specializes in the care of dogs under the weight of 20lbs, a standard classification of “small” for dog breeds.

7. Does my small dog need an appointment to attend daycare?

We have a maximum capacity, so we encourage booking ahead. We will accept a last minute booking, provided we have the space.

8. Do you recommend a certain number of days my small dog should attend daycare?

We recommend regular weekly bookings to encourage routine and stability while your small dog builds lasting relationships with their new buddies. Our recommended weekly schedule differs from pet to pet and will be one of the topics discussed at the consultation.

9. What will my small dog do at daycare?

Here at F & S, we have a daily routine packed with fun! The Fluffys will relax with friends, frolic about chasing toys and playing in the play structures. The Spikes have a smashing good time chasing, wrastling and playing. There are morning and afternoon walks, weather-permitting. Lunchtime includes lunches provided or a small snack. If your small dog has allergies, we request your provide your own treats. We will also throw special parties which will include games, photo shoots and goodies.

10. Should my small dog have lunch?

If your small dog is already on a feeding schedule where he/she receives lunch, we are happy to feed them the meal you have provided. If your small dog does not eat lunch, we offer a small snack/treat. Please keep in mind if your small dog has any allergies and requires special treats, we ask you to provide them so they aren’t left out.

11. Will my small dog sleep during the day?

The majority of the day will be fun and stimulating, though we do encourage mid-day naps after lunch. Not all small dogs will want to nap, but they will be able to enjoy some quiet time and snooze if they want.

12. Will my small dog be inside all day? If so, where will they go to the bathroom?

Your small dog will be inside the majority of the day. There are two scheduled walks throughout the day that reflect a normal bathroom routine. If there are accidents indoors, our facility flooring is equipped for quick and easy clean-up.

13. What if my small dog misbehaves?

Fluffy and Spike’s does not believe in harsh physical or verbal corrections. We provide timeouts for the small dogs with repetitive or extreme misbehavior.

14. What if my small dog doesn’t fit in at first?

Your small dog will be placed in the appropriate play group, which should help them acclimate to their new friends. New situations can be overwhelming at first, which is why we provide a new client start-up five day package at a discounted rate. This trial period allows your small dog to adjust in their own time. The staff at Fluffy and Spike’s will keep you up-to- date on your small dog’s progress. We will work with you and your small dog’s individual needs to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

15. Will my small dog be supervised at all times?

Yes. There will always be a high attendant-to-dog ratio. At no point will your small dog be unsupervised.

16. Is your staff pet first aid certified?

Yes. All of our staff are required to be pet first aid certified with Walks and Wags.

17. What time can my small dog attend daycare?

Our daycare offers early drop-off, starting at 6:30AM and pick-up until 7:00PM. Mid-day drop-off and pick-up are to be arranged in advance to be sure your small dog is not out and about on one of our scheduled walks.

18. Why don’t we offer grooming?

While your groomer is likely a wonderful person, we all know the salon can be a stressful experience for some small dogs. We have opened this facility to be a fun, happy, exciting and welcoming environment. We want your small dog to be excited to come see us, with no added stress of getting their hair done.

19. If I have more than one small dog, will there be a discount?

Yes. There is a 20% discount for the second small dog and any additional small dogs from the same household.

20. Can I tour the area where my small dog will be playing?

Absolutely, we would be more than happy to schedule a tour of the facility at times when there are no dogs in the play area.

21. Can I use my package passes for half days?

Unfortunately, no. All packages can only be used for full days, as they are a discounted rate. If you tend to need more half-days, we offer a half-day package that provides a discounted half-day rate. We are happy to discuss what might work best for your schedule.

22. Can I use the start-up pass for half days?

Unfortunately, no. The start-up pass is a heavily discounted rate that is already priced lower than our regular half-day rate. It's a better price for clients to use the start-up package for full days and explore single half-day or our new half-day package.

23. I get a better rate at XYZ Daycare? Can you match it?

Unfortunately, no. We are a low capacity small business that does not have that volume of clients to price match other businesses. We want to build positive relationship with out clients, while still remaining competitive given the challenging economy in Calgary.

24. XYZ Daycare used to offer a free first day. Can you do that?

Unfortunately, no. We are a low capacity small business that does not have the volume to offer free days. We offer a heavily reduced start-up pass for clients looking for full days, or a reduced-price half-day package. We are happy to discuss what might work best for your schedule.

25. I purchased a half-day package - can I combine two passes to make a full day?

No. The half-day package can only be used for half-days, and it would be more expensive for you! We recommend making a full-day purchase, or exploring our full-day packages. We are happy to discuss what might work best for your schedule.

26. I want something custom - can you do that?

We would be happy to discuss you schedule and needs - please give us a call at 403-455-5534 and we can chat!

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