Foster Fridays

Foster Fridays are our way to give back to the organizations dedicated to rescuing our four-legged friends. Upon registration and approval from Rescue, all eligible small foster dogs are able to attend daycare on Fridays free of charge. This helps our foster families to teach proper socialization skills and confidence that will prove beneficial in finding their furever homes – and gives them a bit of fun, too!

Limited spaces available. Rescue Organizations apply now!

Step 1: Rescue organizations fill out and return the rescue information and rescue agreement & waiver forms.

Step 2: After the rescue organization is registered, the foster family fills out and returns the foster parent information, foster parent agreement & waiver, and foster dog information forms.

All of our lovely Fluffy and Spike's models have been rescued from different organizations throughout Calgary. We greatly appreciate all the hard work these rescues have done to bring these little gems into our lives. Saving a dog is the best feeling in the world and we encourage you to do the same! Follow us on Facebook to see if your future joy is visiting us on ‘Foster Friday’ or visit one of the wonderful rescues online.