Is your small dog a Fluffy? Is your small dog a Spike? Is your small dog a Spike?
Hi, my name is Fluffy and I'm a bit of a princess. That's why this is a fantabulous location for a daily vacation!
Hi, my name is Spike. When my friends and I get together we wrastle, play, tug and smash it up. That's why this is a rock'n place to let our freak flags fly with our head held high!

Here at Fluffy and Spike’s, we understand the world is a big place for a small dog. That’s why we created a world just for them. By dedicating our facility to small dogs 20lbs and under, we hope to alleviate the concerns small dog owners may have with traditional daycare environments.

We love all shapes and sizes of dogs and believe everybody can be friends. However, we are aware how interacting with large breed dogs in a group atmosphere can be overwhelming for the little guys.

While all dogs can be friends, not all friends have the same idea of a good time. That’s why we have a place for all personalities – rowdy or prim. We have divided our small dogs into two separate play groups to cater to your small dog’s personality.

Fill out our online application and book a consultation to see if your small dog is a Fluffy or a Spike!

Our mission is to provide an exceptional daycare experience for small dogs and their families, through a superior facility, quality care and real relationships. We aim to be the best thing to happen to your small dog since coming to live with you.

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