Rates, Passes and Discounts:

5 Day Start-Up Pass: $145 + GST ($29/day)

(This is an excellent one-time offer package for new clients who may be new to a daycare routine for their pup, or new clients who just want a great deal!)

Half-Day Rate: $31 + GST (5 hours or less)

Single Day Rate: $39 + GST

5 Half Day Pass: $145 + GST ($29/day)

5 Day Pass: $185 + GST ($37/day)

10 Day Pass: $350 + GST ($35/day)

20 Day Pass: $660 + GST ($33/day)

*All prices above effective January 2020*

We also offer a family discount rate of 20% off all day rates and passes for additional small dogs from the same household.


All passes expire after one year of purchase. All small dogs are subject to reassessment after 6 months of non-attendance.

All daycare rates and passes are non-refundable, excluding the event of your small dog being dismissed from daycare

All rates are subject to change.

Late and Cancellation Fees:

Late Fees: $10 per each 15 minutes after 7:00PM.

After 8:00PM, any remaining small dogs will be taken to the nearest overnight care facility at the owner’s expense.

Cancellation Fee: If an owner fails to notify F & S of a cancellation prior to 7:30AM on the day of question, we reserve the right to apply a $29 no-show fee. Remember, space is limited for pups to give them the best care.

Policies and Requirements

All small dogs must be 20lbs or less.

All small dogs must be a minimum age of 14 weeks and two weeks post second puppy vaccine.

All small dogs must be current on all vaccines including Rabies, DA2PP (or equivalent), Bordetella (canine cough) or have proof of recent titre.

All small dogs are required to be treated with Veterinary grade internal/external parasite prevention (Revolution, etc.).

All small dogs are required to be spayed or neutered, by the age of six months.

All small dogs with any suspected communicable diseases will be required to remain absent from daycare. Small dogs may be readmitted 48 hours after symptoms have subsided.

All small dogs are required to be licensed with the City of Calgary and must be worn at all times.

All small dogs must come prepared with their own leash.

All proof of requirements must be provided by your veterinarian 24 hours prior to attending assessment appointment/daycare.

All small dogs are required to participate in a behavior assessment prior to attending daycare.

All small dogs are subject to a reassessment after 6 months of non-attendance.

All owners must certify that their small dog has not shown any aggressive behavior to any person or other small dog.

We reserve the right to dismiss any small dog from daycare for reasons such as, but not limited to, illness or behavior. Owners, please be advised that in extreme circumstances, you may be required to pick up your small dog during its stay at daycare.

In the event of injury to your small dog while at daycare, you will be contacted before or during transport to the veterinary hospital, depending on the severity of the situation. As specified in the liability waiver, any expenses incurred while at the veterinary hospital will be the responsibility of the owner.

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